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Tech students at the United Marine Services Group.

At UMSG we offer room for students to finish and complete their internships. With a wide scale of opportunities we’d household 5 students for the past 6 months. An internship at UMSG varies from electro-technical challenges to system intergrading and actual practical interactions with custom designed technology which is used in the maritime industry.

These last couple of months were of course a challenge concerning the COVID-19 pandamic. However they managed to complete this internship successfully and good to know is that they all passed their assignment!

A word from the students:In September we started the internship at United Marine Services Group, with four other students Peter, Ricardo, Kinan and Robin. Together we developed a systems that is able to monitor and control the actions of the bow thruster and servo pump. We each worked on a different part of the system. During my internship I worked on the monitoring-module. The purpose of the monitoring module is to measure the position of the bow thruster. For this system I programmed a PLC to measure the position of the bow thruster. The data is then send to a Raspberry Pi, which is a small computer. Finally the data is send from the Raspberry Pi to a webserver were the data is displayed on a webpage. I am grateful that I was able to do my internship at the Unites Marine Services Group, even with all the corona measures. I have learned a lot and had a great time during my internship’.

Interested in a internship at UMSG?
Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. Together we will check the possibilities at out company.

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