General Engine Repair & Services

Our partner company is a company in the Germany, located in the Bremerhaven harbour area, dealing with all related engine repairs and services.


Our partner will be on your side as a fair, professional, competent and reliable partner in regard to all kinds of Diesel Engine Repairs nation, Europe and worldwide incl. voyage repairs.


Reconditioning of all kinds of engine components such as cylinder covers, cylinder liners, fuel equipment etc. will be performed throughout partner.


“We Move You Forward”

ABC Diesel          : Factory trained and well experienced staff


Deutz                   : Service Engineers Heitmüller, Bremen employed incl. special training with Bosch / fuel pumps etc.


Volvo Penta          : Service Engineer from Volvo Penta, Germany.


M.A.N                   : Factory trained staff, 58/64, 48/60, 40/54, 28/32, 23/30, 20/27, 2866 / 2876/ 2840/2842LE types


B&W                     : Very experienced factory trained technician in regard to L/S-MC – ME 2stroke engines, especially                                  35/42/46/50 etc. engines. Pneumatic system troubleshooter available.


Daihatsu               : Well experienced staff.


Yanmar                 : Factory trained staff.


Sulzer                   : Well experienced staff, 2 & 4stroke


MAK                     : Very well experienced staff over entire range, new engines as well as old engines such M551 /                                       552  / 331 etc.


Scania / SISU       : Factory trained staff


MHI                      : Factory trained staff for UE-engines


CAT                       : Well experienced staff, 3306, 3508 etc.


Pielstick                 : Well experienced staff, PC2.3.4-5, PC4


Components          : For cylinder covers, liners, pistons we are giving fix prices for standard overhaul including parts                                     upon request.


Machines               : Newest machines, such as Chris Marine, Hunger, ITH, GERUS hydraulic pumps are available.


Turbo chargers       : Depending on types, sizes, parts and service available,


Spare parts and Service: It is self-evident for us to arrange for packages, service incl. spares parts such as OEM or genuine spare parts or vis-versa.